GÜNCEL, SF6-free

Ormazabal will supply more than a hundred SF6-free units to Enel Grids to promote an efficient and sustainable grid

The electrification of the economy demands an electrical grid able to support the integration of an increasing number of players, while minimising its carbon footprint.

Enel Grids, the world’s largest private Distribution System Operator, is part of the Enel Group whose long-term ambition is to achieve zero direct and indirect emissions by 2040, including by modernising its networks and infrastructure.

For its part, Ormazabal, an expert in customised, high-tech electrical solutions, contributes to decarbonisation by constantly investing in R&D to develop and manufacture digital native products with a lower environmental impact.

The environmental commitment and the search for more innovative technological alternatives of both companies has led them to collaborate once again to boost a more robust, reliable, efficient and sustainable distribution network. To this end, Ormazabal was one of the suppliers awarded in a tender issued by Enel Grids to procure hundreds of new generation SF6-free units over the next few years.

In addition to this important supply, the two companies are promoting greater efficiency in the low voltage network and, shortly and for the first time, they will start the installation of around twenty automated low voltage boards with single pole switches, which will enable better grid management in both, awarded in tenders promoted by Enel Grids DSOs in Italy and Spain.

In this way, Ormazabal and Enel Grids are taking another step forward on their path towards the sustainability and digitalisation of the electrical grid of the future.

Open Power Grids Association (OPGA)

This commitment to work on the decarbonisation of power grids is reinforced with the Ormazabal membership to the Open Power Grids Association, born from an Enel’s initiative to promote collaboration and the sharing of specifications and standards for sustainable electricity distribution grids.

The association already counts 31 members, more than doubling its membership registered by the end of 2022, and works to define functional specifications for network components with reduced or absent environmental impact in the following areas: i.e. on Transformers; High Voltage lines (HV); HV equipment; Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) lines; MV/LV equipment; Protection and Control devices; emergency equipment; HV systems; and MV/LV systems and EPD (Enviroment Product Declaration) Standardization.