"The industry offers many opportunities that allow you to take part and play a leading role in this change in society", Maider Bilbao

Yesterday was a special day for industrial companies in Bizkaia, with the celebration of “Industry Day”; an event in which Velatia participated as a sponsor and which allowed Maider Bilbao, our colleague from Ormazabal’s Commercial Engineering area, to share her testimony during the gala held in front of hundreds of students from different institutes and vocational training centres in the territory at the Bilbao Exhibiton Centre in Barakaldo.

Maider, who shared the stage with other young professionals from the industrial sector, highlighted the “many opportunities” that industry offers for the development of talent, as well as ” taking part and playing a leading role in this change in society”. In addition, Maider wanted to share her vision with regard to the incorporation of women in the industrial and technological world, for which she encouraged to “leave aside all the stereotypes that have been instilled in us”.

On the other hand, our colleague pointed out “the daily challenge” of working in a sector such as the energy sector – in the midst of a revolution – and the “great opportunity to continue growing professionally and personally” that this entails.

In addition, as part of the celebration of “Industry Day”, the students of the vocational training centre CIFP Zornotza LHII (Bizkaia) visited our secondary distribution switchgear factory in Igorre. An initiative that has served the students to learn about the activity of an industrial company and the different development opportunities that this may offer for their future.

Do you want to listen to the words of our colleague Maider Bilbao? You can replay the whole gala through this link.