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2,4 million passengers per day enjoying Transmilenio’s electric bus depots under SITP

Transmilenio is providing a bus rapid transit solution to 2,4 million passengers per day and serves the main arteries and points of interest of the city of Bogotá. They are developping the new Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) which implies the electrification of Bogotá transport system. The inhabitants of Bogotá enjoy modern, comfortable, silent, safe, electric and emission-free transport services.


The new electric buses, which replace a fleet of traditional diesel buses, significantly reduce polluting emissions from public transport, improve air quality and strengthen Colombia’s overall capacity to address the energy transition to clean transport.


Ormazabal solution (Fontibón):  cgm.3

with cgm.3-I, cgm.3-v, ekor.ucb

gas-insulated switchgear up to 36kV

Electric Ratings:
36kV – 630 A – 20kA

Installed capacity for circuits at 34.5 kV of 9.25 MVA and for the 11.4 kV circuits of 225 kVA.

A constructed area of 14,000 m2.

It includes 59 stations to recharge 126 buses every day and serve 4 zonal routes, that will benefit some 30,500 users.

Ormazabal solution (Suba): cgmcosmos:

 with cgmcosmos-p, cgmcosmos-l, cgmcosmos-v, cgmcosmos-s, ekor.ucb

gas-insulated switchgear up to 24 kV

Electric Ratings:
24kV – 630 A – 20kA

 Installed capacity for the 11.4 kV circuits of 7,475 MVA.

56 stations for recharging 120 buses per day and 9 zonal routes, that will benefit some 69,300 users.


Ormazabal challenge and solution:

The customer’s requirements were to get a plug & play solution for the infrastructure, where everything is integrated and tested at the factory, in addition to complying with the operator’s specifications. Thus, Ormazabal and Industrias Ectricol worked together to install, integrate and commission the equipment required by the customer.

Key Benefits:

  • A plug & play solution : integrated and tested from factory
  • Tailor made solution based on customer requirements
  • Highly safe and reliable energy supply.