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Application of Ormazabal products in Mingyang Smart Energy 300MW offshore wind power project

The project is located in the south sea of Nanpeng Islands, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, China, invested and built by CECEP Wind Power Corporation. The total installed capacity planned is 300 MW, with 55 MYSE5.5MW wind turbines installed, and a 220kV offshore booster station and an onshore centralized control center will be constructed.

Nanpeng Island Project is the first offshore project of CECEP, and also the largest single wind power project of the company. The grid-connected power generation of the project has further improved the company’s construction capacity and operation and maintenance capacity in the field of offshore wind power.

Mingyang Smart Energy is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and one of the the top 500 global new energy enterprises, the business covers wind, solar, storage, hydrogen and other new energy development and operation and equipment manufacturing, the world’s offshore wind power innovation top1.

Ormazabal challenge and solution:

Ormazabal specially customized two technical solutions for customers; cgm.3 rbv, cgm.3 rblv, with a total of 55 sets of medium voltage combination cubicles, according to the long offshore distance and the complex natural conditions of the sea area, contributing to the development of renewable energy industry.

The project is located in a complex sea area. Faced with difficulties such as natural environmental risks, deep sea water, complex geological conditions under the sea surface and short construction window period, Ormazabal assists customers to seize the construction «window period» and effectively deal with risks such as typhoons, thunderstorms and surging waves, overcoming difficulties such as complex submarine topography and geological conditions in the project area, large range of water depth variation and so on, assisting the customer to install the first wind turbine in the South China Sea in winter, and completing the project construction with high standard, high quality and high efficiency.

Maintain close communication with the customer to determine the best solution based on the location of the wind turbines to ensure an orderly field installation and maximize the installation efficiency.

Key benefits to client:

  • Designed for offshore wind applications, the products have been tested in rigorous environments
  • Customized Services
  • 24 hours after-sales service response
  • After the completion of the project, it will provide 792.98 GW of clean electric energy per year, save 247,000 tons of standard coal consumption and reduce 454,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which will be of positive significance to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and optimize and adjust the energy structure of Guangdong Province.