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Metering solution for wind turbine applications

Due to the new billing requirements that are requested in some specific markets for Wind Turbine applications, a MV metering solution is needed as an “add-on” to be incorporated to the standard equipment usually supplied. In this case beyond the challenge of keeping the standard product we needed to define a solution which was able to be assembled and disassembled through the tower door of the wind turbine as well as to withstand the local metrology certification approved by laboratories or certifier companies.


Ormazabal cgm.3-ma

– IAC AFLR 25kA 1s

Electric data:
– Up to 40’5 kV – 25 kA


Ormazabal cgmcosmos-ma:

– IAC AFLR 25kA 1s

Electric data:
– Up to 24 kV – 25 kA


Ormazabal challenge and solution:

After being aware of the market and project requirements the design of the solution was started up by Ormazabal in continuous collaboration with the customer as well as local certificate companies to get the approved solution in the challenging project time.

Mechanical and electrical check-points were assessed during the design stage through 3Ds models and SLDs together with the Customer. Otherwise the continuous increase of the rated power of the wind turbines implied to design the voltage and current transformers to cover the short and medium term product requirements which meant an additional design input in the product development.

Key benefits to client:

  • Solution development withstanding every market and customer requirements (billing solution for wind turbine application)
  • Plug & play solution tested at factory
  • Modular and scalable solution to be used worldwide regardless the project