Smart & digital grids, Zrealizowane projekty

Ormazabal protection and automation system in a Comprehensive Reconstruction Project

This is a renovation project belongs to State Grid and the site is located in Baijia Village, Zouping City, Shandong Province.

Ormazabal supplied cgm.3 and gae switchgear, equipped with protection and automation system, as well as metering panels on both 12kV and 40.5kV sides, to replace the old pole-mounted switchgear. They were installed separately in two large-sized outdoor switching stations.


gae switchgear

(fully Gas Insulated Modular System)

Electric data:
– 12 kV – 630 A – 20 kA 4s
Scope of supply:
– gae 1pt-5lsv-1a1-5lsv-1pt


cgm.3 switchgear

(modular, compact system (rmu) with full gas insulation switchgear to 40.5 kV)

Scope of supply:
– 5kV – 630A – 20kA
– cgm.3 4v-1pt

Ormazabal solution:

The previous power supply was often cut off due to the old pole-mounted switchgear, which failed to operate correctly, especially in rainy days. The level of automation was low and it was not possible to be managed remotely. Besides, the project site is located in a relatively rural village with narrow access of roads, which made the repair work more difficult and time consuming.

Ormazabal was chosen to upgrade the system by introducing GIS switchgear with its protection and automation system specifically designed for Smart Grid. DTU (Data Transfer Unit) was also a newly added module in the system, which integrates GPS, GPRS modules for communication with SCADA, and all modules are 5G-ready. This gives all the needed visibility of the real-time situation of the stations. Operations now can be done remotely and the continuity of power supply has been maximally guaranteed.

Key benefits to client:

  • Flexibility to adapt our solution to customer specific requirements
  • Upgrade the smart level of the stations (protection, automaton, metering, communication)
  • Turnkey solution with all assembly and testing work done in Ormazabal’s factory
  • Minimum work on site